Things That Are Impossible For God

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This is a 7 week downloadable message transcript series. Included in this file are 7 Microsoft word documents containing the full word-for-word message transcripts and student outlines.

What are some of the things that are impossible for God? Nothing. Let's close in prayer. If there's nothing that's impossible with God, what can you talk about for seven weeks? This message series covers seven promises you can count on! It's impossible for God to lie, reject you, leave you stranded, want your worst, fail, be selfish and not to care. You're students will virtually find it impossible to NOT count on God to meet all the needs in their life.

Week 1 - It's Impossible for God to Lie
God doesn't change, God can be trusted, and you can share freely all the pain you deal with in life. Because God can't lie to us, we can always trust his motives, hang onto his promises, and always know He wants the very best for our lives. God is always a straight shooter with us, his children, and sometimes we have to hear things about ourselves and the way we live our life that we don't always like.

Week 2 - It's Impossible for God to Reject You
All of us want to be accepted somewhere. We all have a friendship system that is created basically because they're who accepts us in our life. We crave acceptance, that's how we're wired. God accepts you just as you are, but He also loves you too much to leave you that way. God wants to offer you five things. He wants to change you in ways you cannot change yourself, He wants to give you a reason and purpose to live life. He wants to infuse you with a heart for others, He wants to give you a new heart so that your vision is not like a microscope where you're only focused in on you, and He wants to save you for an eternity with him. The good news is He won't give up on you!

Week 3 - It's Impossible to Leave You Stranded
We have all felt let down or abandoned by others. But "God has said, ‘Never will I leave you. Never will I forsake you.'" Circle "never". God will never leave you. God will never forsake you. He's always there with you. Experience comfort and confidence knowing that God can't leave you stranded in the turmoils of life.

Week 4 - It's Impossible for God to want your Worst
God wants your very best. Discover that God is eagerly watching you, is wildly crazy about, and wants to have a relationship with you. To do that, He's eagerly pursuing you to shower you with his gifts. Whether you're a seeker or a stumbler, this message will bring good news to your life, much like it did to the Prodigal Son.

Week 5 - It's Impossible for God to Fail
A lot of us think that God has failed us in some way. Usually when something bad happens we love to blame God for it. When we have no hope, it can easily lead to discouragement and feeling that life is being sucked out of you. This can lead to drugs, sex, or hanging out with people that seemingly can give us what we're missing. The truth is that God created us as original masterpieces, and today's pain is only temporary. His will is someday you would step away from the world's way and be reconciled to him, and trust in the promises He gives us.

Week 6 - It's Impossible for God to be Selfish
There's been a time for all of us when we think God is selfish Ń if He were really giving He'd let me have it. If He was really giving He would give me everything that I wanted. The reason we think God is selfish is because we're like that. We're all about me, me, me. The reality of it is that God is so generous with us. He gives us life, he gives us so many second chances, but best of all, He gives us instruction for living, his way, which tells us -- it's not all about us!!!

Week 7 - It's Impossible for God not to Care
Why is it that we have a hard time understanding that God could really care about us? It may be because we don't really care all that much about other people. We have a limited experience and view and definition of care and we place that on God, based on our own shortcomings. When People Express Care, it oftentimes needs to be earned, and there's typically a self-serving motive. Not so with God's care... thankfully! Reflect on your life and take a look at the things you really care about.
Transcripts and outlines of each message

Transcripts and outlines of each message

Outlines in PowerPoint with additional backgrounds

Outlines in PowerPoint with additional backgrounds

Promotional ecard, postcard, poster, and desktop background

Promotional ecard, postcard, poster, and desktop background

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