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This is a 5 week downloadable message transcript series. Included in this file are 5 Microsoft word documents containing the full word-for-word message transcripts and student outlines.

We live in a sex saturated society. It's not how it used to be, Ricky and Lucy sleeping in separate beds, clothed from head to toe. The world, specifically media has blown sex up so big that your students have no idea that there are any standards, no idea that there are any consequences with sex. Our youth of today desperately need to hear that there are consequences, that sex was God's idea, and He created it to be beautiful. Teach this message at least once a year, and relationships in your ministry will be different.

Week 1 - Distinguishing Truth From Lies
Confusion about sex is rampant in our culture today. Mixed messages come from all directions. This message is a way to step back from all of the chaos and show students the truth about sex while revealing the lies they are bombarded with daily.

Week 2 - Distinguishing Male/Female Differences
There are more differences between guys and girls than anatomy. God created them with specific needs that compliment the other gender. Understanding these differences will help students understand each other better. This message is a great education to students about how God wired the genders and how to navigate a relationship with the opposite sex.

Week 3 - What The Bible Says About Sex
"Your way right away" is a great slogan for selling a lot of hamburgers. Unfortunately, it has also become a popular attitude toward sex. God's word has taken a back seat to worldly attitudes about sex in our culture. There are many secular answers to questions about how far is too far, homosexuality, and masturbation. This message will set the record straight with your students about what God's design for sex is.

Week 4 - Okay...So What About When I'm Really Tempted?
Fire drills were commonplace when I was in school. We had an evacuation plan that we practiced about twice a year. Students need an evacuation plan for when they feel the sexual tension is heating up too much. Use this message to challenge your students to set standards before they date and figure out an escape plan that will prevent them from pain. This message has great biblical insights that will help discerning students make right choices.

Week 5 - Okay...I've Messed Up In This Area...Now What?
Grace is available to all who ask for it. Unfortunately, we still have lingering consequences for poor choices. What many students need to hear is that God does not hate them and they can be forgiven. This message will be a life-line to students who believe they've sinned to big to be forgiven by God and a challenge for those who have not yet crossed the line into sexual sin.
Transcripts and outlines of each message

Transcripts and outlines of each message

Outlines in PowerPoint with additional backgrounds

Outlines in PowerPoint with additional backgrounds

Promotional ecard, postcard, poster, and desktop background

Promotional ecard, postcard, poster, and desktop background

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