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"Ask and you shall receive. You loved the first two volumes so much we made another. Get your hands on 20 more outrageous, interactive trivia games. These slide-shows are a great way to get your students laughing, talking, and involved. Whether you use these games to kick off a weekly meeting, provide a break during a message, or use them at camp, the hilarious questions and captivating graphics make it easy to engage your students. Use these games right out of the box, or customize them to fit your ministry needs. No matter how you use them, these side-splitting questions will get your students laughing and interacting in no time.

Completely Customizable
Power Play includes 20 professionally designed, original games – ready to use, as is. Or, if you want to add your own creativity, it’s really simple because each game also comes with an editable version so questions and answers can be customized specifically to your group. You also get great looking score sheets (PDFs) for each game to make you look even better.

Three Formats
Each of the 20 games comes in three different formats for your playing pleasure:
  • QuickTime files
  • PowerPoint files
  • Editable PowerPoint files
Don’t use PowerPoint? Never heard of QuickTime?
No worries. We threw in a free version of Microsoft PowerPoint Viewer, and you can download Apple QuickTime from for free, so you can still play the games. They will also work with other presentation software like MediaShout® and Keynote®.

What You Need
Basically if you have a half-way decent computer – Mac or PC – you’re fine. A little bit of room on your hard drive, standard video card, and a CD drive… you’re good to go. Really, it’s that easy!

Game Titles
  • Battle of the Beverages
  • Breakfast of Champions
  • Celebrity Baby Names
  • City Life
  • Distorted Reality
  • Famous First Words
  • Go Big
  • Hair Band Heroes
  • Identi-Sci-Fi
  • Is There a Dr. In the House
  • Itemization
  • Monster Dating Service
  • Photographic Memory
  • Randomaniac
  • Reality Nation
  • Revolution
  • Spaghetti Western
  • Strange Days
  • Super Spy
  • Your Name Here
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