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With this 52-week curriculum for youth ministries, everything is done for you! All you need to do is read it, run it through a copier for your leaders and put it to work. Then presto...52 weeks later you're done!

Each week of curriculum has an introduction to the week's topic. Use it to start your study or scrap it and use your own examples.

Next is the outline for teaching. It gives you the information you need to know and a train of thought to teach from. Following the outline is a small group portion. Each week the curriculum offers interactions so you can help leaders facilitate their small groups.

A great part of any teaching is being able to share openly about what you have learned as well as receiving feedback from others. The students love to discuss everything they have learned and how to apply it to their daily walk. It's tried, it's proven, and it's a great tool for reinforcing their daily reading.
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