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The NEW LIVE High School
Re-written with all new lessons and fresh scope, LIVE High School helps students grow and draw closer to Jesus through four of the most formative years of their lives. Friends, parents, teachers, coaches, and culture all influence your students’ decisions, including what to focus on and where to invest their time. Because the pressures on young people today are more intense than ever, a Jesus-centered perspective is essential.

LIVE High School will equip you to speak into students’ lives amid all the other voices and help them discover the value of placing Jesus at the center of everything. This curriculum is a cohesive, 4-year plan (based on a 36-week ministry calendar) written for each distinct year of high school: freshman, sophomore, junior, and senior. Year one helps students understand who they are in Christ. They discover how to live out their identity in year two. Next, challenge students to go “all in” with Jesus in year three. Finally, year four emphasizes how the good news of Jesus changes everything and impacts their lives forever. All 144 lessons feature topics, illustrations, activities, and questions that will engage and involve your students more effectively than generic, lecture-oriented curriculum.

Plus, LIVE High School includes access to the innovative new LIVE Daily app that sends “in the moment” prompts and ideas for living out their faith. Each day's idea taps into different ways that people learn—through serving others, reading Scripture, tackling questions, looking toward Jesus, and worshipping in ways beyond singing songs.

Timely Topics and Biblical Truths
And this NEW version of LIVE High School is designed with greater intentionality than ever before. We’ve created an entire slate of new lessons and restructured the format with a “beelined to Jesus” focus. So even when you’re studying a passage from the Old Testament or discussing a real-life issue for today’s teenagers, you can find the road back to Jesus.

Tackle timely topics and biblical truths through engaging conversations. Help students discover how Scripture directly relates to what they’re dealing with right now. Challenge your teenagers to think critically and figure out why they believe what they believe. Open-ended questions create room for authentic discussions that lead to those hard-to-reach places—you know, the conversations where you find out what’s really going on in their lives.

LIVE High School is the kind of investment in teenagers’ lives that will produce more rewards and benefits than you can count!
Four-Year Lesson Plan
We've developed the Live Curriculum as a cohesive, four-year plan for your youth ministry, using a 36-week ministry calendar year. The lessons are designed to flow from one topic to the next, and each year builds on the previous years. But since we know every ministry is different we give you the option of taking it apart, shifting around the pieces, and using the lessons in whatever order you'd like. You can prayerfully schedule the lessons as you sense God's direction in your ministry. It's all good!

4 Year Plan
With a price tag of $499 you will receive all 4 years of material (that's less than $3.50 per week) that can be used in any ministry format and is being taught to age groups ranging from middle school to post high school/college. By making simple adjustments based off your ministry's DNA you can adapt the LIVE curriculum to any or all of these age groups.

Parents Love LIVE
But wait! There's more! You'll know what your small groups will be discussing six months from now, so parents will gain more confidence in your ministry, and along the way, you'll provide them with resources to spark conversation and dialogue in the home. I can't think of a better tool to help families grow closer together and closer to God in the process.
4 Year Plan
You save hours of planning time. Your leaders are trained, communicated with and prepared to teach. Your students are active and involved. And their parents become your biggest supporters. That's a win-win-win-win! (We checked; it's legal to have that much winning anywhere and everywhere!)
HIGH SCHOOL (144 Weeks - 4 Years) - Every new account includes a year access to the online tool that delivers curriculum and manage your leaders ($99 value).
*Additional years of usage of the online delivery engine are $99/year.

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