Simply Youth Ministry has partnered with LeaderTreks to bring the premier student leadership curriculum. LeaderTreks is a student leadership development ministry using small group and discipleship curriculum to help students identify and develop their personal leadership skills. LeaderTreks is calling the Church to make leadership development a core of youth ministry. Much like discipleship and evangelism, leadership development is key to seeing the church grow and the culture change. LeaderTreks Leadership Development Model
  1. Students must learn a set of leadership principles, Biblical truths about leadership.
  2. Students must apply these principles through real leadership experiences. Students need to make decisions that lead to success or failure then live with the consequences of their decisions.
  3. These experiences have to be challenging; students have to move outside of their comfort zone for transformational change to take place.
  4. Evaluation is the key that brings the process together. As students learn to ask tough questions, they discover how to apply the leadership lessons to their life.
There are several ways to use these materials. Here are a few suggestions:
  • In your small groups
  • One-on-one meeting
  • During a student leadership retreat
Small Groups
The Becoming a Leader Series takes your small group on the adventure of a life time as you learn to navigate the challenges and experience the thrills of what it means to be a Godly leader. Through Bible-study, modern day examples, application, group initiatives, and video clips you will be equipped to be the leader you can be. Each study includes 4-6 lessons that will equip you and your students to use time-tested leadership principles and to develop Godly character.

Avalanche Vol. 1
At the heart of every great leader is unshakeable character. This study will take you and your students through the adventure of developing essential character traits for being a leader. Once character is in place, powerful leaders result and become "dangerous" unstoppable forces in God's kingdom. Click here for more information on Avalanche Vol. 1.
Avalanche Vol. 2
Avalanche: Unstoppable Leadership Vol. 2, exposes the heart of the leader--what leaders look like from the inside out. Backcountry skiers know that avalanches are the inevitable result of specific conditions like wind speed and sudden temperature drops. Likewise, certain conditions are necessary to the making of a leader. Once those 5 conditions are in place, powerful leaders result and become "dangerous" unstoppable forces in God's kingdom. Click here for more information on Avalanche Vol. 2.
River Running Vol. 1
In River Running: Leadership in Motion Vol. 1, students learn basic leadership skills and how to use them with a team. In any extreme sport, preparation, education and experience are essential. Learning to lead is not different. River Running begins the journey of learning what leaders need to know to be an effective leader in the kingdom. Each lesson is designed to be about 45 minutes depending on time spent in the team activities. Click here for more information on River Running Vol. 1.
River Running Vol. 2
In River Running: Leadership in Motion Vol. 2, students move beyond basic leadership skills and begin to develop some of the more complex tasks of leadership. Students will dive deeper into creating action steps and value statements that will guide their life. Each lesson is designed to be about 45 minutes depending on time spent in the team activities. Click here for more information on River Running Vol. 2.

Unique Abilities
Leadertreks the Unique Ability Profile and Growth Strategies because every student in every youth ministry needs to understand that he or she adds value to the Body of Christ. By going through this assessment, your students will be able to identify their natural talents and then be able to utilize those gifts to supercharge their impact on the world and further Godís Kingdom. Click here for more information on Unique Abilities.
Discover Your Spiritual Gifts
LeaderTreks has partnered with industry experts to bring you a unique spiritual gift assessment. Youth workers have known for years the power of a spiritual inventory but have been unable to maximize the experience for students because gift assessments were only written for adult life experiences. Click here for more information on Discover Your Spiritual Gifts.
Building Character
Character is the foundation of leadership. LeaderTreks created the Building Character Assessment to help students see their character in light of God's standard. The profile itself allows students to step back and observe themselves from an objective standpoint. Most students' self-perception is somewhat middle-of-the-road. I'm not as "bad" as the worst people I know, but I'm probably not as "good" as I could be. Completing this profile guides students to measure where they are in many different areas of Christian character. Click here for more information on Building Character.
Leadership Type
Teams often find themselves in disarray . . . whether it?s a mission team, student leadership team, or even a team of volunteers. This profile will help you identify each team member's unique Leadership Type. Participants will walk away knowing whether or not they tend to be a Doer, Thinker, Mover, or Relater. They will also learn the pitfalls and strengths of each other's leadership type. Click here for more information on Leadership Type.
Team Roles
The Team Roles profile helps students determine what roles they naturally play on a team. These leadership roles fall into three categories: task roles, social roles and destructive roles. Through this introspective process, your students will be able to identify the role they play on a team when they are on task, interacting socially, or disengaged from the team. Click here for more information on Team Roles.
Self Discovery
Self Discovery is one of the key aspects to being an effective member of the Church. Your students, through 5 different sessions using 4 separate profiles, will discover how God has uniquely gifted them to serve in the kingdom. They will begin by discovering their character tendencies based on the fruit of the spirit through the Building Character Profile. As they move on they will discover their Spiritual Gifts, Learning Mode and their Unique Abilities. Click here for more information on Self Discovery.
Team Leadership
Team Leadership takes students on the discovery process of who they are on a team. Students will walk away from these 3 profiles knowing how they best influence others, what their destructive role is on a team, and how they motivate others on a team. Students will gain a clear understanding of their natural leadership tendencies as well as their destructive habits. By working through these exercises, students will be able to identify ways to take their team to new heights of performance. Click here for more information on Team Leadership.
Learning from the Master
This 40-day devotional for students is a great way to dive deeper in your faith as you study the life and lessons of Jesus Christ. Jesus lived an incredible life. From walking the wilderness trails to standing before the highest rulers of his time, his life spoke volumes to the people who took the time to listen. He was gracious, generous, loving and compassionate. His words were challenging, inspiring, even offensive to some. Jesus was a teacher. In his life and message there is still much that we can learn today. Click here for more informaton on Learning from the Master.

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