5 cheap and easy things to do with junior high students this summer

Fill up a few trashcans full of colored water. Ask students to bring white T-Shirts and a super soaker water gun. Assign each team a barrel full of water and have at it! At the end of the water fight, the team with the least amount of other team¹s colored water on them is declared the winner. RANDOM ACTS OF KINDNESS
There are tons of cheap, easy ways your students can share a little kindness this summer. Here are three:
  • Cold water. Go to a park that is hosting a sporting event with a cooler full of cold water bottles and hand them out to the cheering parents.
  • Adopt A Block. As a group, adopt an entire neighborhood for 4 hours. Spend that time mowing lawns, cleaning gutters etc.
  • Adopt A Ministry. As a group, pick another ministry department in your church and volunteer for them at an event or activity of their choice.
Capture the flag is still a junior high classic. Get permission to take over your church campus after dark one night and ask students to arrive dressed in all black. Divide teams by providing them with glow necklaces. SWIM AND STUDY
Move your mid-week bible study to somebody¹s home with a pool. WATER BALLOON 3 FLYS UP
Spend $15 bucks to buy a water balloon launcher, or build your own. Have students stand 30-40 feet away in a clump. Shoot water balloons high in the air toward the clump of students. Students scramble to try to get hit by the balloon. The first student to get hit 3 times gets to be the new launcher. ...

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