my top 4 super easy, fun ways to utilize media

Certainly there are more creative, high tech ways to utilize media than these, but the following three ideas are simple, fun ways to use media in your ministry setting.

VOICE OVER: For some reason, our students never get tired of this one (trust me, we've done it enough to make them sick of it, but they refuse!). Simply take a video clip from a movie, television show or cartoon and dub your own voices over the dialogue to say whatever you want. We've used it for announcements, for teaching points or for absolutely no reason at all! We usually change the dialogue completely to fit what we are announcing, but we've also used the exact same dialogue in our own, cheesy voices. This is funny because the words match up, but the voices don't. Try it they'll like it!

TRIVIA: Create trivia questions from TV shows and use them as part of your program to enhance a teaching theme. For instance, if you are teaching on the family create a bunch of trivia from the Brady Bunch, The Cosby Show, Growing Pains, etc. We recently did a lesson on Jesus parables about the lost sheep, coin and son. As part of our program, we created trivia based around the television show LOST.

NAME THE T.V. TUNE OR SOUND EFFECT: This is fun and easy. We typically keep this idea in our back pocket to use as filler or in a pinch if something goes wrong and we need to kill some time. Buy a couple CDs full of television theme songs and a couple full of various sound effects. Play just a snippet and allow students to raise their hands to guess what t.v. show or what sound effect is being played. Toss a piece of candy to the first student to guess correctly.

BLOCK BUSTER CHRISTMAS: You'll have to wait a few months to use this, but instead of a traditional Christmas series consider a series built around popular Christmas movies. Show a 10 minute clip from a different movie each week and build your teaching around the theme in that movie. We've used The Grinch, Jingle All the Way, A Christmas Story, and others.

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