back to school ideas

As summer break scorches to a close, youth leaders and teenagers alike are gearing up for a new school year. Teenagers are buying new clothes and supplies, and youth leaders are making plans for those back-to-school events that will jump-start the ministry. Sometimes the pace can get the best of everyone, but youth leaders can also use one or more of these simple ideas to get teenagers engaged in youth group as summer closes and a new chapter begins.

  • While your teenagers are out shopping for those pencils, notebooks, and three-ring-binders, how about inviting them to chip in some much-needed supplies for the ministry? Your advance planning for the fall might produce a short list of items you'll need, such as paper, markers, or even paper towels. Ask the youth (and their parents) to help stock up.
  • Every teenager in your group has probably had a couple of new summer experiences, or maybe they learned a new game at church camp or during a missions trip. Don't overlook the possibilities that can come with teaching new concepts or games in the youth group. Use those summer experiences wisely.
  • And just for fun, how about enlisting your teenagers in a cleaning day? Instead of spring cleaning, have a fall cleaning for youth ministry. Enlist the youth to help recycle old papers or curriculum. Give the youth room a deep cleaning and a facelift. Okay, and clean the bathrooms, too. Make everything sharp, bright, and new when the school year begins.


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