RSS Feeds

RSS Feeds

Where are the feeds from SYM?

Cool ... so what can I do with these things?

Go to the community page, and your browser (Firefox or Internet Explorer) will automatically discover several feeds from Simply Youth Ministry. Feeds are dynamic headlines from a website - in this case, we have feeds you can subscribe to that tell you when there's a new blog, a new podcast or a new resource added to the store. Choose the feed you want and click on that specific feed. It can be repeated for multiple feeds if you're interested in taking it to the next level.

You're now displaying the feed in your browser ... not very pretty, is it? Don't worry, we're just getting started. This is where the fun begins.

Click the subscribe button in Firefox and now you've got a "live bookmark" that will automatically update when we update the site. How cool is that? A little bit of magic in your browser. OR, you can add this specific feed to any of your favorite reader - Bloglines, NewsGator, iTunes, Google - whatever you want.

Here's a great example of the site feed for new resources right in the browser. When we add a new product, be the first to know. You can do the same to see when we post an article, update the podcast and be the first to notice when Natalie updates her blog. Do it!

Simply Youth Ministry is here to equip, connect, and recharge youth workers with the tools, relationships,
and confidence they need to help teenagers develop a committed relationship with Jesus Christ.

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